Did Dr. King die for that?

I saw a post saying we (People of Color) should not concern ourselves with the trivialities of an awarded statue, or ceremony, because that is not what Dr King died for.

Why do some people feel, when it comes to art, artists don’t need/deserve/shouldn’t want the same accolades of those in other fields? If this were a corporation, and their ratio of POC promotions:White promotions were so skewed, it would be an issue (for most, if not all). Artists deserve the same recognition.

MLK didn’t die so that people could get a trophy…? Really? The scope of what he died for is wider than you think. And, is it not possible to be impassioned by different things at the same time? Can actors/directors etc, along with consumers of the craft, not be concerned about racial diversity in film as well as the water injustice happening in Flint?  Or, do we have to choose?  Why do I have to choose? 


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