Tasty Treats Not Allowed

I don’t eat dairy free ice cream to be healthy or cool.

Apparently today is National Ice Cream DayDairy Free While I see endless posts on various social media sites,and news outlets, the only emotion I feel is that of jealousy rather than elation. To see the world, well I’m pretty sure this is an American gluttony thing, so to see America rejoice on a day celebrating a tasty cold treat, on an unforgivable, hellishly, hot day, in July while I sit on the side lines hurts here( points at my heart) and bruises here (points to the area just underneath my eye…where tears would fall).

As someone who can not have dairy products, I’m the kid standing on the sideline who never got picked for a team; I am on the outside looking in at all the deliciousness. I didn’t always live this life; it was about three years ago when I had to stop eating dairy. At least I grew up happy.  Now, there are dairy free ice creams out there and once you make your way through the tasteless and/or disgusting you’re left with something just short of sumptuous and every bit of heaven- hello So Delicious cappuccino flavor. But while everyone else is out having a gay old time, at the ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, I am reduced to heading over to my local grocer spending rent on a frozen treat.

Do you know what it’s like not being able to have dairy? Two words…Blue Bell

**Blue Bell ice cream (aka the Ruby Rose/Beyonce of treats) was recalled a couple months ago and pulled off shelves until further notice. Can’t say it doesn’t make me happy that no one else can enjoy it either.

Clearly I am in my feelings a bit. Everywhere I go there are gluten free options. It’s not that I don’t believe or even sympathize with the people who say they have a gluten allergy, I just find it interesting that all of a sudden this is a “thing”. This is where my feelings come in. Not being able to have dairy has been a legit thing for longer. It may have never been cool, or trendy, or a way to lose some weight but we’ve been around. We are the wife that has been there for thirty years;these gluten people are the 21 year old yoga instructor mistresses. Show some respect.  So one would think that I would be able to go into a non vegan restaurant and request dairy free *insert anything here*. Or go into a frozen yogurt shop and there be more than one flavor of dairy free froyo. But there’s not.

So, when I buy pints of ice cream for 6.99$ and don’t want to share…don’t judge me.


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