Do you see what I see?

Do You See What I See

“The less you think about your oppression, the more your tolerance for it grows.” – Assata Shakur

 Over time, it is easy to, in my case, subconsciously become okay with the malignant regulations in place to keep an individual or group of people in a state of disadvantage. Despite anything and everything, America is one of the nations that tries, albeit at times painstakingly slow, to ensure some of its citizens are equal and are safe to live their life as such. America, the home of the brave and land of the free; the nation whose very ideals were built on the concept of being a melting pot turned out to be, in some ways, the complete antithesis of the ideals it was striving for.

But nevertheless…

The decision, made by the highest court in the land, a couple of weeks ago to make marriage legal for ALL was simply, a long time coming. Say what you will about America, I know I have, but props most definitely need to be given where they are due. Yes, it took America a shameful amount of time to realize no matter your sexual orientation everyone should have the right to marry. Yes, it’s baffling that the Supreme Court had to step in but alas, in 2015 it is freeing to say that I can marry whomever I want wherever I want. It is with a smile on my face and tears filling my eyes that I can rejoice with every other HUMAN knowing that not only can I marry in the state in which I live, but that marriage will be legal and will be acknowledged wherever I go (in America).

With the highest court in the land in my corner, now all I have to do is simply usher the people in my life into that same area.

Love Wins.


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