My Closet

Behind these french doors you’ll find a few different things. When I walk through these closet doors, I am in the midst of memories and emotions of pain and joy. Attitude and personas are tucked away here; a smorgasbord of personalities if you will. Some days, I just sit in the middle of my closet floor and look around at the girls that live here: I’ll introduce you to a few! Reema is this young bohemian girl without a care in the world. Free Spirited and colorful, a lover of prints and color embody who she is. Tribal prints, reds, blues, greens, vibrant yellows -to name a few- & different patterns adorn her. The fabric of her clothes drape her body with ease and flow wherever the wind sees fit. Scarves of pashmina galore and different hair accessories complete her look; and a bag…a big one!  Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the young professional. She loves/envies Reema for what she stands for and represents, however believes it necessary to be more about business and looking the part for corporate America in order to advance in life. Neutral. Brown, grey, black, white, cream, assertive red. Inside Lizzie (as Reema calls her) is a boho chic girl waiting to be free, so to offset her neutrality she accents herself with bursts of color! She’s never met an accessory she didn’t like. Did I mention she LOVES color and a big bag!

Maci is a fashion conscious girl’s girl. She too is envious of Reema although one would never know it. Her goal is to look great without the spotlight being shown on her for fear of her imperfections being noticed.  She loves flouncy skirts and dresses especially of floral print. Pastels of every shade, copious amounts of cable knit sweaters, colorful tights, accent pieces, and of course she can never forget a big bag! Now, let me introduce you to Issa. Issa is neither conservative or girlishly chic. Her mind set is that of a individual thinker, and she dresses as such. Issa dresses for comfort above all else. The difference between Issa & Reema is Reema is comfortable not only in what she’s wearing but also WITH what she’s wearing. She needs no one to validate how she chooses to express herself in anyway. “Comfort doesn’t have to mean drab”, Issa constantly tells herself while getting dressed. What Issa envies about Reema, is her assurance. Issa wants to wear sweat pants, and jeans with a graphic tee. Sneakers and Dr Martens, plaid shirts of different colors and head out the door. Not forgetting of course, a big bag.

When I open these doors, I see parties and drunken nights, interviews and funerals, brunches and date nights, errand runs and movie trips. I see girls who collectively want to express themselves the best way they know how but only one who is truly comfortable doing so. I see shame draped over Elizabeth, Maci, and Issa; I see three young women who aren’t comfortable in their own skin and with who they truly are. I see Reema on the outside encouraging them to come out, BOLDLY; I see the girls taking a few steps forward only to take a couple steps back.

This closet is filled with color, vibrance and uncertainty. It’s filled with people that are, and with people that want to be.


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