Be Brief

We gathered ten of us, two cars off to see the big movie that had come out this weekend. Waiting in line there’s no safe place to rest my eyes. The fourteen year old boy to the left is trying to save his fourteen year old girlfriend with his tongue; the woman to the right is trying to get her unruly children under control. They look like screamers and I’m wondering why she even has them out at this time. Whatever, back to my friends.  What is it with people and these sci-fi, end of the world, band together movies? I have to pay twelve dollars for this crap? Sigh. She stands next to me and whispers in my ear, “Don’t wanna see this do you?”  “Not at all”, I reply. I look her up and down; she’s great you know. Tall, she has a dimple in one cheek, and she tends to bite her lips either nervously or just out of habit I’m not sure. She has great lips. We decide to split off from the group, see a comedy. Did I mention she’s funny? Our movie doesn’t start for twenty minutes so we’re in the dim lit theater laughing and discussing the week’s events. She slaps my thigh as she laughs, oh God. She ignores her phone three times, I don’t get why she’s even with her. She doesn’t see what I see in her. Doesn’t get her humor or believe in her vision, her… oh thank God, the movie is starting. The movie is over. We walk to the parking lot; our friends will be out soon. Leaning against her black Ford Expedition, small talk and a blunt but the conversation takes a turn. My back against the car, her hand on my waist, face inches from mine. Our friends will be out soon.


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