Lord be a fall day!

Is anyone else over summer? I know most people can’t wait for the summer months, it’s their favorite time of year! The sunshine, the heat, no school; sounds like a dream. My brain works differently I guess. I don’t like the heat and prolonged hours of sunshine contribute to heat. Plus, the fact that the youth aren’t obligated to be somewhere Monday through Friday is nothing short of annoying. That being said, my favorite season is FALL!!! Spring takes a close second with winter and summer not even placing. I’m that person that will complain about the cold and snow in the winter, and the heat and humidity in the summer. So after countless days of disrespectful ninety plus degree heat/humidity, fall is approaching and I couldn’t be more excited! Bring on the layers, boots, and cable knit sweaters; the seasonal drinks at Starbucks and Halloween. The only thing missing from fall is my birth, which I get. The universe could only take so many amazing things in one season so it had to be spread out. September 23rd, September 23rd…and that is what keeps me going.

 Now, I realize that this post may be eleven days premature, but I’m so excited for fall I decided to share some of my fall faves as a preparation of sorts.

Hunter"Regent Apsley" Rain Boot
Hunter”Regent Apsley” Rain Boot; still sold out…EVERYWHERE


1. Rain Boots: I think a lot of people feel about Uggs the way I feel about rain boots. You know how girls will just throw on a pair of Uggs, and keep it moving? It’s like a mindless choice (Oh, I got to run to the store real quick…UGGS,…Going shopping…UGGS…Getting my nails done…FLIPPIN UGGS!). That is how I feel about rain boots. If you can’t tell, I am impartial to Uggs; I think they look like llamas/high top slippers, I don’t like the way they look when wet…it’s just not a good time. Boots on the other hand, I mean they’re pretty multifaceted. They’re pretty, good for splashing in puddles (because I like to do that too), and great for walking on ice which is amazing if you’re prone to slipping like I am. I love Hunter boots! This particular pair that I wanted was sold out last year for literally ever so I am buying early this year! In actuality though, I’ll keep forgetting and get them a month from now.

Finding the Fun Scarf 39.99$ (www.modcloth.com)
Finding the Fun Scarf 39.99$ (www.modcloth.com)

   2. Scarves: I have a bazillion and twelve scarves and I’m not exaggerating either! A bazillion and twelve; they’re kinda my thing. I used to have a bazillion and thirteen but a cousin of mine hit me with an okkiey doke and STOLE one!  I lived with her, the perfect roommate I was (certified!), it was a grey scarf niiiice and long the way good scarves are. One day I couldn’t find it, weeks went by. Then one day she’s wearing the same exact grey scarf and I’m supposed to believe that her friend bought it for her *cough cough bullshit*. But I kept it cute and just tried to steal it back on several occasions to no avail. Anyhoot, back to why I love scarves! The perfect accessory, you can dress them up, dress them down, wear on your head or draped around your shoulders, and obvi wear them around your neck. You can even tie one to a bag you’re carrying, scarves are just great!  Sometimes in the winter, when it’s not quite as cold as polar bear areolas, but not really warm either, I don’t even wear a coat. That’s right, long sleeves and a scarf. Plus, it doubles as a way to say screw you winter, your not dictating what I wear! Then I pray I don’t get sick.


3. Scandal: Ok, I have to admit I didn’t start watching until January of this year. I just…I really didn’t get the hype. I kept saying, “But she’s the side chick! She’s a side hoe yamp that relatively has her shit together!”. It is so much more. Shouts to the same cousin that stole my scarf for helping me see past that! I watched two episodes in January while the season was on Christmas break or something and by the time the season resumed in February I was all caught up. That’s like two years of television people. It was no easy feat; lots of sleepless nights and watching on my phone in class, but I got the job done. Shonda pulls you in, has you on the edge of your seat, then drops a bomb on you, every…single…episode. It’s like only being able to get high for a really intense hour once a week! I can’t wait for this season to start, I have so many questions! How is Cryus dealing with the death of his hubby and having a baby, what does Huck do now that he knows where his family is? Speaking of Huck, when will Liv tell him to I don’t know, push Quinn over a bridge or something (I can’t stand her), and can Jake Ballard get any sexier? And, of course, the most important question, WHERE THE HELL DID LIV GO? All this and more starting September 25th!

Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2015 collection
Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2015 collection

4. Fashion Week: I look forward to Fashion week as if I can afford anything that touches those runways, but that is not the point! I like watching my favorite designers’ shows, and “discovering” other designers that I maybe didn’t know about. I also like to see the different layouts of the runways. Will it be the normal straight down and straight back for the models, or maybe, even, the wrap around runway? You know, the runways where there will be two rows of back to back seating down the middle? How do people sit there? I’m entirely too awkward to be that close to that many cameras. I would be captured in the background doing something weird for sure. Anyhoot, I personally enjoy shows where the runways are set up differently, like Carolina Herrera’s show this week. The variety of where the models walked: down, straight across, and diagonal, along with the props…love. I think it adds to the show and brings the inspiration and vision behind the clothes to life. If you didn’t know, Carolina Herrera is everything. I wrote an essay on her when I was in high school for Spanish class and I’m pretty sure that was the best grade I ever got in that class. Side note: I hated that class. I felt like I was set up for failure. How exactly was I supposed to bs my way through a test if the instructions where in Spanish?!?! I didn’t even know what they were asking me! There were a lot of blank sections on every test. How I passed that class, I do not know. So, Fashion week, love it.

So there it is, a list of a few of my favorite things. Now I don’t feel, so bad!


Seriously, If you want your life changed, watch Scandal!

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